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My Writing Process

Not every writer has the same routines, schedule, circumstances, or needs when it comes to writing, editing, and publishing books. Today, I'd like to share my process.

When and Where I Write

I find that I get my best writing done in the mornings at my local Starbucks. I tried a local coffee shop but their prices went up and their employees were less than happy on a regular basis. Now, all the morning-shift employees at the Starbucks know who I am and they are much happier people to be around. I put in my Bose bluetooth earbuds, turn on the right music for the scene I'm working on, and I get to writing. I can typically finish around 2k words in two hours as long as I don't turn on my wifi on my computer.



Yes, please! I need my caffeine to write.

I'll either take black medium roast or a chai tea latte.

In the afternoons and evenings, I'll opt for herbal teas instead.

What am I working on now?

As a crazy #thrillerwriter, I am working on my vigilante thriller series Small Town Secrets. Of four titles currently outlined in the series, one is published (Desecrate the Darkness), another is in editing (Walking in Darkness), and two are in the outlining phase (Fall Into Darkness and Rise From Darkness).

What questions do you have for me?

I would love to hear your questions and answer them. Comment below and send me some good ones!

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