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Why I'm Starting a Blog

As a thriller writer, there are many topics in real life that I bring into my writing. This blog will help me share my feelings, thoughts, and opinions about those real-life topics and encourage reader feedback. I want to hear from you.

What kinds of issues does A.K. Hughey write about?

My first novel focuses on the issues of human trafficking and missing persons. I write about the varying degrees at which our communities are affected by these issues and the reverberating affects of organized crime.

What is Desecrate the Darkness about?

The cops say Lucia's ex killed himself.

Could the truth be something much darker?

Lucia's job in a small-town gas station is never exciting. That is, until her ex crashes his car through the front of it. The cops have their theory, but Lucia has a series of emails from her dead ex that tells a different story.

This book follows one woman's actions as she becomes the person who can no longer turn a blind eye to the evil that lurks within all communities.

How do I get notified about new blog posts?

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Thank you so much for visiting me! I can't wait to talk with you!

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